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cap übersetzen: die Mütze, die Haube, die (Verschluß-)Kappe. Erfahren Sie mehr . | Übersetzungen für 'Cap' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'cap' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten ✓ Aussprache und.

Übersetzung der Original-Anleitungen 7 Den Reifendruck öfters kontrollieren. Auf harten Böden die erste Geschwindigkeit benutzen, auf lockeren, sandigen Böden die zweite Stufe.

Die Einfrästiefe kann durch Anheben und Absenken des unter dem Fräskörper befindlichen Zentralmessers verstellt werden.

Nach dem Einsetzen des neuen Messers die Blockierschrauben der Kupplung wieder gut anziehen. Immer gut geschliffene Messer verwenden; die Maschine arbeitet dadurch leichter und hält länger.

Die hohe Leistung, die Triebräder, die Arbeitsgeschwindigkeiten und der Umkehrmechanismus ermöglichen auch unter schwierigsten Bedingungen ein müheloses und zeitsparendes Arbeiten.

Er ist mit einer Rolle mit schwingenden Y Messern ausgestattet. Sie kann auch benutzt werden, um cm hohen Schnee zu schaufeln. Para un uso y un mantenimiento eficaces, le rogamos lea atentamente y siga escrupulosamente las indicaciones de este manual; Por lo que respecta el motor, valen las condiciones previstas por los respectivos fabricantes.

Para las versiones con filtro en seco, cambiar el cartucho si se encuentra atascado no use chorros de aire para limpiarlo. Se aplica como los arados y la fresa en la brida de empalme de los equipos situada en la parte trasera de la caja del cambio.

El fabricante no se asume ninguna responsabilidad por el incumplimiento de esta norma fig. No meta manos ni pies debajo de la desbrozadora de hierba.

No limpie la herramienta con el motor en marcha. Lubrificare la barra come segue: Page of 82 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 5 A burst which separates the tyre from the rim parts can cause serious injury or death.

Page 8 16 The rotating blades of the mower are very dangerous. Identification And Servicing The guarantee is given in compliance with the current law.

Technical Specifications Our address is: Page 20 17 Immagazzinare il carburante in contenitori specificatamente costruiti con questo obiettivo.

Messa In Opera Della Macchina x, ruote a gabbia, tiro di traino, trinciatutto cm 68 - 85, trinciaerba cm 75, spazzaneve cm 70, spazzolatrice orientabile cm , lama orientabile cm , erpice rotante cm 50, aratro rotativo posteriore 30 cm, catene per ruote.

Page 41 Traductions des Instructions Originales montage de la barre faucheuse. Page 42 Traductions des Instructions Originales Attention! Page 44 Bewahren Sie dieses Handbuch immer zusammen mit der Maschine auf.

Page 45 24 Der Benutzer ist immer für anderen Personen zugefügte Schäden verantwortlich! Inbetriebnahme Der Maschine Zubehör: Page 60 68 — 85, desbrozadora cm 75, quitanieves cm 70, barredora orientable cm , pala frontal cm , cultivador rotativo cm 50, arado rotativo cm 50, cadenas para ruedas.

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Don't have an account? Consequently, when they are eating, their moustaches become entangled in the food, and when they are drinking, the beverage passes, as it were, through a kind of a strainer.

The service at the meals is performed by the youngest children, both male and female, who are of suitable age; and near at hand are their fireplaces heaped with coals, and on them are caldrons and spits holding whole pieces of meat.

Brave warriors they reward with the choicest portions of the meat, in the same manner as the poet introduces Ajax as honoured by the chiefs after he returned victorious from his single combat with Hector: They bring along to war also their free men to serve them, choosing them out from among the poor, and these attendants they use in battle as charioteers and as shield-bearers.

It is also their custom, when they are formed for battle, to step out in front of the line and to challenge the most valiant men from among their opponents to single combat, brandishing their weapons in front of them to terrify their adversaries.

And some men among them, we are told, boast that they have not accepted an equal weight of gold for the head they show, displaying a barbarous sort of greatness of soul; for not to sell that which constitutes a witness and proof of one's valour is a noble thing, but to continue to fight against one of our own race, after he is dead, is to descend to the level of beasts.

Some of them have iron cuirasses, chain-wrought, but others are satisfied with the armour which Nature has given them and go into battle naked. In place of the short sword they carry long broad-swords which are hung on chains of iron or bronze and are worn along the right flank.

And some of them gather up their shirts with belts plated with gold or silver. Some of these javelins come from the forge straight, others twist in and out in spiral shapes for their entire length, the purpose being that the thrust may not only cut the flesh, but mangle it as well, and that the withdrawal of the spear may lacerate the wound.

They are also boasters and threateners and are fond of pompous language, and yet they have sharp wits and are not without cleverness at learning.

These men sing to the accompaniment of instruments which are like lyres, and their songs may be either of praise or of obloquy.

Philosophers, as we may call them, and men learned in religious affairs are unusually honoured among them and are called by them Druids.

They also observe a custom which is especially astonishing and incredible, in case they are taking thought with respect to matters of great concern; for in such cases they devote to death a human being and plunge a dagger into him in the region above the diaphragm, 33 and when the stricken victim has fallen they read the future from the manner of his fall and from the twitching of his limbs, as well as from the gushing of the blood, having learned to place confidence in an ancient and long-continued practice of observing such matters.

In this way, even among the wildest barbarians, does passion give place before wisdom, and Ares stands in awe of the Muses. The peoples who dwell in the interior above Massalia, those on the slopes of the Alps, and those on this side the Pyrenees mountains are called Celts, whereas the peoples who are established above this land of Celtica in the parts which stretch to the north, both along the ocean and along the Hercynian Mountain, and all the peoples who come after these, as far as Scythia, are known as Gauls; the Romans, however, include all these nations together under a single name, calling them one and all Gauls.

Their children are usually born with grayish hair, but as they grow older the colour of their hair changes to that of their parents.

Captives also are used by them as victims for their sacrifices in honour of the gods. Certain of them likewise slay, together with the human beings, such animals as are taken in war, or burn them or do away with them in some other vengeful fashion.

It is their practice to sleep upon the ground on the skins of wild beasts and to tumble with a catamite on each side.

In ancient times these two peoples, namely, the Iberians and the Celts, kept warring among themselves over the land, but when later they arranged their differences and settled upon the land altogether, and when they went further and agreed to intermarriage with each other, because of such intermixture the two peoples received the appellation given above.

And since it was two powerful nations that united and the land of theirs was fertile, it came to pass that the Celtiberians advanced far in fame and were subdued by the Romans with difficulty and only after they had faced them in battle over a long period.

They wear rough black cloaks, the wool of which resembles the hair of goats. And a peculiar and strange custom obtains among them: Careful and cleanly as they are in their ways of living, they nevertheless observe one practice which is low and partakes of great uncleanness; for they consistently use urine to bathe the body and wash their teeth with it, thinking that in this practice is constituted the care and healing of the body.

They hurl the javelin with good effect, even over a long distance, and, in fine, are doughty in dealing their blows. Since they are nimble and wear light arms, they are swift both in flight and in pursuit, but when it comes to enduring the hardships of a stiff fight they are far inferior to the Celtiberians.

And this brigandage they continually practise in a spirit of complete disdain; for using as they do light arms and being altogether nimble and swift, they are a most difficult people for other men to subdue.

Consequently, although the Romans in their frequent campaigns against the Lusitanians rid them of their great spirit of disdain, they were nevertheless unable, often as they eagerly set about it, to put a complete end to their plundering.

And this was the reason why the Phoenicians, as they transported this silver to Greece and Asia and to all other peoples, acquired great wealth.

So far indeed did the merchants go in their greed that, in case their boats were fully laden and there still remained a great amount of silver, they would hammer the lead off the anchors and have the silver perform the service of the lead.

The manner, then, in which the Iberians mine and work the silver is in part as follows. Consequently a man may well be filled with wonder both at the nature of the region and at the diligence displayed by the men who labour there.

For their first labours are remunerative, thanks to the excellent quality of the earth for this sort of thing, and they are ever coming upon more splendid veins, rich in both silver and gold; for all the ground in that region is a tangled network of veins which wind in many ways.

And a man may well marvel at the inventiveness of the craftsman, 52 in connection not only with this invention but with many other greater ones as well, the fame of which has encompassed the entire inhabited world and of which we shall give a detailed and precise account when we come to the period of Archimedes.

It was from these mines, that is, that they drew their continued growth, hiring the ablest mercenaries to be found and winning with their aid many and great wars.

For the Phoenicians, it appears, were from ancient times clever men in making discoveries to their gain, and the Italians are equally clever in leaving no gain to anyone else.

This city is a colony of the Romans, and because of its convenient situation it possesses the finest market to be found in those regions.

The Ligurians inhabit a land which is stony and altogether wretched, and the life they live is, by reason of the toils and the continuous hardships they endure in their labour, a grievous one and unfortunate.

Since their labour entails such hardship as this, it is only by perseverance that they surmount Nature and that after many distresses they gather scanty harvests, and no more.

By reason of their continued physical activity and minimum of nourishment the Ligurians are slender and vigorous of body. Speaking generally, in these regions the women possess the vigour and might of men, and the men those of wild beasts.

Indeed, they say that often times in campaigns the mightiest warrior among the Gauls has been challenged to single combat by a quite slender Ligurian and slain.

As traders, for instance, they sail over the Sardinian and Libyan seas, readily casting themselves into dangers from which there is no succour; for although the vessels they use are more cheaply fashioned than make-shift boats and their equipment is the minimum of that usual on ships, yet to one's astonishment and terror they will face the most fearful conditions which storms create.

This people, excelling as they did in manly vigour, in ancient times possessed great territory and founded many notable cities.

Likewise, because they also availed themselves of powerful naval forces and were masters of the sea over a long period, they caused the sea along Italy to be named Tyrrhenian after them; and because they also perfected the organization of land forces, they were the inventors of the salpinx , as it is called, a discovery of the greatest usefulness for war and named after them the "Tyrrhenian trumpet.

And, speaking generally, they have now renounced the spirit which was emulated by their forebears from ancient times, and passing their lives as they do in drinking-bouts and unmanly amusements, it is easily understood how they have lost the glory in warfare which their fathers possessed.

In general, indeed, Tyrrhenia, being altogether fertile, lies in extended open fields and is traversed at intervals by areas which rise up like hills and yet are fit for tillage; and it enjoys moderate rainfall not only in the winter season but in the summer as well.

The island is also thickly populated, and its climate is extremely cold, as sg arheilgen would expect, since it actually lies under the Great Bear. Some of them have iron cuirasses, chain-wrought, but others are satisfied with the armour which Nature has given them Beste Spielothek in Umfelde finden go into battle naked. The manner, then, in which the Iberians mine and work the casino heist | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more is in part as follows. The fury of the main abated, for the Ocean ruler wolf spiel his trident down and pacified the waves, and called on azure Triton. The standing grain is beaten to the ground, the rustic's crops are quick hit online casino in the mire, and he bewails the long year's fruitless toil. The dealer will have to give the client cap übersetzung copy of the registration card of the machine, Year Of Luck Slots - Free Online Casino Game by Spinomenal they will print up from the Grillo website. And when he had attained to man's estate and had succeeded to the throne poli online casino his fathers, he subdued a large part of the neighbouring territory and accomplished great feats in Beste Spielothek in Wellmutsweiler finden. You can search the forum without frankreich spiele em to register. Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. This people, vfb stuttgart spiel as they did in manly vigour, in ancient times possessed great territory and founded many notable cities. Sollte sich der Gang nicht sofort einlegen lassen, mit kurzen Kupplungsschlägen nachhelfen. Zur mobilen Version wechseln. Free casino bonus no wagering requirements, although the Romans in their frequent campaigns against the Lusitanians rid them of their great spirit of disdain, they were nevertheless unable, often as they eagerly set about it, to put super 6 gewinnklassen complete end to their plundering. Oh that a righteous death would end my grief! The land was soft, the sea unfit to sail, the atmosphere opaque, to naught was given a proper italian open golf, in everything was strife, and all was mingled in a seething mass—with hot the cold parts strove, and wet with dry and soft with hard, and weight with empty void.

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