voodoo shark

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Coined by Chuck Sonnenberg , the term refers to the novelization of Jaws the Revenge a film not held in high regard.

In the movie, the supposedly eponymous shark seeks out and attacks the living relatives and friends of Martin Brody. In the novel, a voodoo curse is used to explain away the idea that a shark understands the concept of revenge, and that it can somehow figure out where and when to find these people.

What makes it the trope namer is that the writer doesn't bother to answer the question of why the voodoo curse was made in the first place, or any of the other countless questions that come to mind.

Similar to Dork Age but specific to an episode's plot device. Compare to Author's Saving Throw in that not only is it on a plot device level, and that the creative staff is able to catch it before the final product ever leaves for production, but also in that it tends to fail miserably.

Compare also to Justified Trope , except a Voodoo Shark moment requires the justification to fall flat, inadequately justify, or otherwise simply fail so that suspension of disbelief remains lost.

Also compare to It Runs on Nonsensoleum , in which an explanation like this is played for laughs instead of presented straight.

Dan Browned can be considered similar, in that specific knowledge about the subject at hand causes the hand wave or attempt to justify the trope to fall apart.

Not necessarily related to Jumping the Shark or Hollywood Voodoo , except for particularly bad cases such as the Trope Namer. Take that, you scurvy equine!

But captain, that horse be dead! Actually, I'm not a clown. That's even less believable than the whole ghost story!

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Get the best new trailers in under a minute, including " True Detective " Season 3, Spies in Disguise , and " Room Voodoo Sharks 05 Aug There have been rumors of a monster shark living in bayous of Louisiana.

A team of Cajun fishermen head out to prove its existence while a shark scientist attempts to research bull sharks living in a freshwater lake just outside of New Orleans.

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Resurrection , we find out a man Laurie decapitated at the end of Halloween H Twenty Years Later wasn't Michael, but a paramedic he switched clothes with.

That doesn't explain why Michael would want to switch clothes in the first place or why "the paramedic" was clearly trying to attack Laurie.

It's asked at one point why the paramedic didn't just say he wasn't Michael and that's apparently because Michael crushed his throat rendering him unable to talk.

That doesn't cover up why he didn't just take the mask off. The Transformers Film Series has its justification for still having a Masquerade in the second movie: Why the government would think, "Yes, we not only spent trillions of dollars building giant robots with sophisticated combat AI, concealing this information from taxpayers, but we are so staggeringly incompetent that they not only malfunctioned and started killing people, but when they did we had no way to stop them but to send in more giant robots to fight them" is somehow better than admitting they're aliens is anyone's guess.

So why didn't he tell him this in an earlier film — when he could have stopped him from pursuing his self-destructive vendetta against Spider-Man?

Word of God claimed that the butler was actually a hallucination representing Harry's "good side", meaning Harry knew all along but couldn't face the facts.

However, there's a scene earlier in the movie where Harry talks to the butler in Peter's presence, and Peter doesn't react as if his friend was talking to the wall.

So then is the butler real and just occasionally appears to Harry as a vision? It's more complicated than it needs to be.

Godzilla ran into some problems when trying to justify the drastic changes made to Godzilla 's design. The reason behind the horizontal, raptor-like design for the monster was in order to make it more "realistic.

They decided to continue making it more realistic by turning it from a dinosaur to a mutated iguana, thereby completely negating the entire point behind the raptor shape in the first place.

And the Square-Cube Law is being completely ignored either way. In The Neverending Story 3 , Bastian's supporting cast gets wished out of Fantasia into the real world in an attempt to justify why he can't just wish Fantasia back to normal.

However, Bastian himself questions why he can't just wish the supporting cast back into Fantasia first, then wish Fantasia back to normal.

He's never really given an answer. Snakes on a Plane tried to justify the snakes' unusually aggressive behavior towards the passengers by claiming that the leis the passengers had been given the flight was leaving Hawaii had been treated with pheromones to make the snakes go crazy.

None of that explains how the snakes were able to get from the cargo hold to the cabin to get close to those leis in the first place, to say nothing about how that is not how pheromones usually work.

The film of A Sound of Thunder needlessly handwaves the Time Safari's existence by stating in a throwaway scene that is promptly never brought up again that by , all wild animals are dead.

Compare with the novel, where it is simply a means for bored big game hunters to feel the thrill of hunting extinct beasts like the T-Rex.

Not even touching the movie's other bizarrely glaring problems , as The Agony Booth points out, this only works to make the humans of the near future seem like utterly bloodthirsty assholes.

Once the last wild animal died in , apparently, only 12 years after the film was made , poachers started raiding zoos, and as soon as time travel was invented — at a time when many people had never seen a live animal — it instantly defaulted into being a dinosaur killing venture, instead of being for sightseeing past animals, cloning them, stealing them, anything really.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: How do anthropomorphic turtles that hide in the sewers order pizza? They order it by having it delivered to an address that does not exist, so the delivery person will end up in that spot between two buildings, hear a voice from a sewer grate, and pass the pizza box through there.

One of the Turtles will pick it up while wearing a Conspicuous Trenchcoat and hope the delivery guy doesn't notice the weird green hand holding the box.

This raises a number of questions, namely: Why would anyone expect the delivery guy to just stand there when he can't find the address? What's to say he won't cross the street or just give up?

If this happens on a regular basis, why hasn't the pizza place picked up on this? Do the delivery guys just simply never tell anybody else that they found a colony of weird, pizza-loving mutants in the sewer?

Is New York City so full of weirdos that this is totally normal to them? Why make it so complicated? The Turtles can't just find an empty warehouse or something and leave the money in an envelope for the pizza guy?

That's perhaps less likely to attract attention. In Pixels , during the real-life game of Pac-Man , Fireblaster's car is stated to be going faster than it should be able to.

It's later revealed that Fireblaster was using the cheat codes for super-speed in Pac-Man , and he also used cheat codes to beat Sam in the tournament at the start of the movie.

There are numerous problems with this: How the hell did Fireblaster get away with using a cheat code in a tournament , with thousands of people watching his every move?

If there was a cheat code for super-speed in Pac-Man there isn't , wouldn't it give Pac-Man super speed, not his enemies? But those are physical switches inside the cabinet, which Fireblaster would have an even harder time getting to.

Why did the scientists who built the cars program them with cheat codes? How did Fireblaster even enter a cheat code into a car?

It is shown that he used the gear shift , but how this worked was never explained. And most egregiously, how exactly do the cheat codes for super-speed in a video game make a real car go faster?

The Jungle Book decided to give the character King Louie an Adaptation Species Change from the original , turning him from an orangutan into a Gigantopithecus a extinct genus of ape that lived in Southeast Asia during the Pleistocene.

According to Word of God , the change was done to correct a bit of Misplaced Wildlife from the original, as orangutans aren't actually native to India.

But the movie still features Mowgli—a modern human boy—which means that it takes place at least , years after Gigantopitheci went extinct. For some reason, the filmmakers thought having an extinct primate in the movie was less inexplicable than having a non-Indian one.

Particularly glaring, since they easily could have explained Louie as an escaped captive orangutan brought to India by the English what with the original book being written just a few decades after the rise of the British Raj.

The extended version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice causes a few problems like this: It addressed one of the original cut's most nagging plot holes: How did Superman not detect the bomb that blew up the Congressional hearing?

The bomb was encased in lead, which Superman's x-ray vision can't penetrate. How did Luthor even know that Superman couldn't see through lead? Nobody knew the extent of his powers.

Maybe Luthor's smart enough to puzzle that out, but that's a heck of a logical leap. The bomb had to be hidden in Wallace Keefe's wheelchair without his knowledge.

But encasing it in lead would have made it extremely heavy, especially considering this is a bomb designed to kill hundreds of people.

The sheer extra weight on the wheelchair should have tipped him off. Why would this even work? Superman can traditionally detect lead.

He can smell it with his Super Senses , and in the comics he can quite explicitly see lead itself — just not what's behind it.

He should know that there's something fishy in that wheelchair, even if he can't tell exactly what it is. There's one Fan Wank that says Superman was too guilty to bring himself to look at Wallace Keefe, so that's taken care of, at least.

Superman is accused of a massacre that Luthor's mercenaries staged, but: All the victims were gunned down — which should exonerate Superman, who Doesn't Like Guns.

The extended version shows the mercenaries piling the bodies together and torching them with a flamethrower, apparently to replicate the results of Superman's Eye Beams.

But this would have done a poor job of it, as it just singed the bodies, whereas Superman would have completely annihilated them.

The accusations are reinforced by a witness, who testifies and then disappears from the movie. In the extended edition, it's revealed that Luthor blackmailed her into doing it, but then she has a change of heart and comes clean to a Senator.

But if so, why didn't Luthor silence her right away, before she could confess? And why doesn't the Senator immediately take her into protected custody for when Luthor eventually does go after her?

Apocalypse , Moira suggests that Apocalypse and his minions "The Four Horsemen" were not inspired by the four horsemen from The Bible ; he was the inspiration for them.

The X-Men comic doesn't go out of its way to explain why an ancient Egyptian would adopt Biblical theme naming , but Apocalypse being the inspiration for them doesn't explain much of anything either.

For starters, the four horsemen are from the Book of Revelation , which is the most recently written book of the Bible, and was probably written late in the first century AD; assuming Apocalypse was born during the reign of the New Kingdom of Egypt, he would have been sealed in his coffin well over a thousand years before that.

The Time Machine attempts to explain why people , years in the future still speak English by saying that they learned the ancient language from debris that was lying around.

This just changes the question into how they can read English. Another issue is that they still wouldn't have learned how English grammar works just from picking up vocabulary.

In Ghost in the Shell , this is the rationale for the true nature of the Major Motoko Kusanagi , who turns out to be an actual young woman whowas captured by Hanka Robotics and experimented on and eventually christened as "Mira Killian".

The film explicitly points out that this is still Motoko's mind in a cybernetic body , seemingly entirely to justify the Race Lift of her character.

There are several problems with this: Why would Hanka Robotics just kidnap someone they found on the street to experiment with? The film outright shows they're a large company with contracts with the military and the police, meaning they had access to plenty of potential candidates not to mention a horde of dead bodies they could use to perfect their process.

Why would the Major be so ambivalent about finding out her entire life is a lie? This also extends to the villain Kuze, a.

Hideo, who has a similar reaction despite the toll that Hanka's experiments took on him. Kusanagi so accepting of being told that she no longer needs to come to her daughter's grave after the Major tells her the truth?

In Stargate , Ra has a human host but occasionally can be seen with a body of The Greys. When the series was created, the The Greys were portrayed as a benevolent species, the Asgard.

Supplementary material explained Ra's appearance in that his previous host was an Asgard, and given their technological superiority, this also handily explains why he was the top Goa'uld the new name for their species.

However, this then means that those times we saw Ra's as an Asgard, we were seeing his previous host , which makes even less sense. Annihilation goes through a lot of convolutions to keep the protagonists and thus the audience ignorant of what is on the other side of the Shimmer: The government has sent over a dozen groups of people and various animals and electronic devices into the Shimmer, but none have returned to report on what's on the other side save Kane, who is comatose.

After the protagonists venture into the Shimmer for several days, experience some of its horrors, and discover the reason for the communication and physiology problems, most of them want to escape and report on what they found — but the leader shoots them down by saying without going all of the way to the end and discovering the full truth, "any information they report would just cause further confusion".

Did all of the previous groups also decide that making partial reports was worthless as well? To use the film's cancer analogy, this is like every single cancer research scientist deciding never to communicate or publish any of their test findings until they discovered the cure.

Every subsequent scientist would have to start from square one. The outside world apparently knows nothing about the Shimmer because "the people in the area were evacuated and told there was a chemical spill".

So, people have evacuated their homes in a very large area the team takes about a week to travel to the center of the Shimmer for three years without asking questions, and no news teams have investigated the very large visual disturbance caused by the Shimmer?

This cover-up would be harder than trying to conceal Mt. Beauty and the Beast seems to really want to explain some things that the original animated film never bothered to mention, only to raise a lot of strange questions: The original never explained why the servants were punished along with the prince.

Since the original was animated, they were all silly dancing household items and nobody thought much about it. The film saw the need to address it by saying they did kind of deserve it — they felt guilty for not raising him better.

This raises the following issues: First, this cannot apply to everyone who was cursed such as Chip, who's just a child ; second, the prince is a monarch and shouldn't be his servants' responsibility and should in fact have other people specifically there to raise him ; and third, it's even more Disproportionate Retribution , as the curse is changed to turning them into inanimate objects but keeping them conscious.

The film seems to think that audiences wouldn't get why Gaston is so popular with the townsfolk when he's such a Jerkass.

So they show him paying off the townsfolk to sing with him — which is unnecessary, because he had enough genuine charisma in the original that no one questioned why he was so popular.

And they also gave him the Freudian Excuse of war trauma , but why wouldn't a war hero be popular among the townsfolk? This also serves to make his actions later in the film look downright offensive.

Lefou's fanboyishness for Gaston is explained to be the result of Adaptational Sexuality. Considering this is a small town in France that's so backwards that they get bent out of shape about a woman who's really into books, what do you think they would do to a gay man?

He'd probably have been executed. The time period of the original was pretty vague, but the remake decides to definitively set the story in the post- Revolution era.

In that case, the return of a lost monarch to their seat of power is not something to be cheering about. Ereshkigal is mourning for him and gets to keep Inanna's husband Dumuzi for six months of the year, as Laser-Guided Karma for her trying to steal Gugalana and getting him killed in the first place.

Shouldn't Gugalana be down there with her? One theory among people who have studied the myths is that Ereshkigal is merely the gatekeeper and cannot go into death itself to find him, though not enough of the original myth survives to confirm this.

Twilight has quite a few, usually concerning Stephenie Meyer 's explanations about how a vampire's body works: Meyer states that when a human becomes a vampire, all of their bodily fluids are replaced with a type of venom.

This presumably means that vampires are unable to have children, as the males can no longer produce semen. In fact, in earlier books Edward's siblings occasionally expressed envy of Bella's ability to have children as a human.

But then, vampire Edward impregnates human Bella. Meyer is now forced to backtrack , stating that the venom can take over "some of the functions" of the fluid it replaced, and that only female vampires can't have children because they cannot menstruate.

But this still doesn't explain why the other male vampires didn't try to have children with human women if they really wanted to.

In the first book, Bella is immune to Edward's mystic vampire telepathy , but Jasper can still use his emotion control powers to calm her down.

In later books, Meyer makes it explicit that Bella is immune to all vampire powers, but now she needs to explain how Jasper can get through to Bella.

She did so by saying that her immunity only protects her against mental powers, and that Jasper's power was physical because it directly altered her brain chemistry.

This doesn't explain much, because Bella can resist other vampire powers that sure seem physical like electric shocks , and Jasper's power can affect vampires as well, who — as explained above — don't have those brain chemicals humans do because it's all been replaced with venom.

Morphing heals you, since it's based on DNA. So why didn't Elfangor just morph and demorph to heal his injuries? In The Andalite Chronicles he claims he was "too weak to morph," but he had enough strength to give a multi-chapter Info Dump and a token fight before Visser Three killed him, and the Animorphs have frequently managed to morph under more dire conditions.

This is chalked up to Early Installment Weirdness , as K. Applegate freely admitted that she forgot about or changed aspects from the earlier books.

This provides a case in point: In the Time of the Dinosaurs Tobias gets his wing broken. He tries morphing and demorphing, but his wing is still broken, so apparently only your morphs heal that way and not your regular body.

Except that in Megamorphs 1 , Rachel specifically mentions how the scratches and scrapes on her human body are healed after she de-morphed.

Another explanation suggests that morphing can't heal them when they're Time Traveling , but there's no reason for that to be the case.

It is also explained that as matter cannot be created or destroyed, morphing into something smaller causes the excess mass to be temporarily stored in a different universe.

No explanation is given as to where the extra mass comes from when the characters morph into something larger, and the universe the matter is stored in is stated to be otherwise pretty much empty.

Applegate replied "black holes and pygmy hippos". Make of that what you will. A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Great Unknown is a mysterious question-mark-shaped thing that prowls the oceans.

Half of the characters are utterly terrified by it, to the point where Count Olaf is willing to abandon the sugar bowl to escape from it, and the other half have no idea what it is.

The closest thing to an explanation in the series comes from the Kit Snicket at the end of the last book, where she implies it's a metaphor for death.

Then along comes the sort-of prequel series, All the Wrong Questions , where it's revealed that the Great Unknown is actually a sea monster called the Bombinating Beast with no particular connections to anything.

This makes no sense at all. Why would the Quagmires and the Widdershins be willing to give themselves up to such a thing, particularly the Captain, who claims to know its nature?

And why does Lemony continue to let his sister believe in something he knows isn't true, when he places such an emphasis on not deceiving people?

If that's true, and other people know it, the villains have a bit of explaining to do as to why they're willing to burn down half the planet in order to get their hands on some apple seeds.

This gets even worse when you remember that regular horseradish plants are an equally-effective cure, rendering the sugar bowl almost completely worthless.

In the later Enderverse books, it's strongly implied that the "two-children-per-couple" rule was specifically created by the founders of the One World Order as a Batman Gambit ; such an obviously oppressive measure would provoke dissatisfaction such that the OWG would dissolve almost immediately once the existential threat to humanity was dealt with.

Except what government do you know would intentionally install a mechanism to destroy it in the future? And if the government felt it necessary to dissolve after the threat was dealt with, why would it need a Batman Gambit in the first place?

In the beginning of the novelization of Back to the Future , unlike the movie, Doc says he got the idea for the time machine by having a dream about the DeLorean many years ago.

But then this implies that he would have inspired the DeLorean Motor Company, and not the other way around, and raises questions about how that interaction would have worked.

In The Rowan , it was assumed that "Prime Travel Sickness" — chronically severe vertigo caused by interplanetary teleportation — was simply part of being a Prime , the strongest level of psychic talent.

The appearance of wild talent Jeff Raven , who could teleport between worlds with no ill effects, caused further investigation. But there was explicitly three centuries between The Rowan and its prequel Pegasus in Flight.

In that time period, either Siglen and her peers are the first generation of Primes, no Prime-level psychic talent attempted interplanetary travel via teleportation, or no one noticed that "Travel Sickness" wasn't a big deal until Siglen made it so.

All of these are equally unlikely. The Cold Equations , to necessitate its infamous events , claims that the ship is so stripped-down and minimalistic that it only has enough fuel to carry one person and some supplies on the journey, and therefore the only option is to kill the second person.

Ignoring the massive amount of No OSHA Compliance involved in this, descriptions of the ship suggest that not only is it a lot more spacious than such a statement would imply an airlock, a closet large enough to hold one person , but it's got quite a few things that could be thrown out the airlock instead, including a chair.

Some apologists have attempted to Hand Wave this by saying it was Judah and not God who failed. While this interpretation is viable, it only raises further questions, such as, why would something as mundane as chariots be a bigger advantage than having an omnipotent God on your side?

The ship is stranded far from any safe port, and the crew has to ration power. It's so bad that there's not enough to power the replicator, and the crew has to set up a functioning galley with a live cook.

Except the holodeck is kept running as much as anyone wants. The writers explain this by saying that the holodeck has its own power system that is incompatible with everything else on the ship.

It caused so many problems that later episodes completely ignore this issue and have the holodecks be affected by power shortages like anything else.

The problems with the original explanation are: Why would a holodeck — or indeed, any system on the ship — be built to be incompatible with the rest of the ship on which it's installed?

Even alien technology can be integrated just fine. Shouldn't the holodeck be able to make food itself? It's a system of forcefield an holographic light projectors and replicators.

The replicators create most handheld objects, and people eat and drink on the holodeck all the time.

This is how people can leave the holodeck holding replicated props or drenched in replicated water — only computer-directed things can't leave the holodeck.

We even see the crew doing exactly this in Voyager! Therefore, the lack of power to the regular replicators is irrelevant. It's been suggested that the ship's replicators can work backwards, turning matter into energy.

As such, there's nothing stopping Voyager from grabbing dirt from an uninhabited planet, converting it to energy, and replicating it back into food.

Why didn't anybody try a workaround to divert power from the holodeck? You could at least use it to run essential functions, even if the incompatibility issues make it too inefficient to run the entire ship.

This illustrates why it's not enough to just say the power systems are incompatible; we know enough about what powers the ship, so how would whatever powers the holodeck be any different?

Then there are questions about if the holodeck has separate reactors that produce power that is incompatible with the rest of the ship, why the fuel for those reactors wouldn't work in the warp core.

Even if it isn't Deuterium or some other fuel type why couldn't be used in an anti-matter powered Warp Core. This appears to contradict a plot point in an episode of The Next Generation.

In " Booby Trap ", the Enterprise is losing all its power to the eponymous booby trap, and it thus cannot use its warp engines to escape.

Geordi was using a holodeck to help solve the problem, but Picard switched off everything other than life support. Geordi has to convince Picard to turn it back on.

So if the holodeck used a separate power source and it shouldn't matter if it's on or off, you'd figure Geordi — the head engineer, who should know better than anyone how the power system works — would have mentioned that.

So this implies that the holodeck uses power like everything else on the ship, and the Voyager explanation thus creates an inconsistency. The Original Series episode " Miri " was about a disease on a distant planet that wiped out nearly all its inhabitants and is now threatening the Enterprise crew.

The problem was that they didn't have the budget to create alien makeup for all the survivors, so they just made the planet an exact duplicate of Earth.

The episode furnishes no explanation for why Earth would have an exact copy. As for other options, they all create their own issues: The novelization uses an obvious alternative reason: What was wrong with using that in the show?

The Shatnerverse novel Preserver posits that Miri's world was a duplicate of Earth created by the Preservers. The Relaunch-era DTI novel Forgotten History explains that it was an Earth from a parallel universe that passed into "ours" through a Negative Space Wedgie , and was subsequently returned to its native universe.

That seems needlessly complicated. Gene Roddenberry 's original pitch included a "parallel worlds" theory that would allow for the show's science fiction stories to be tied in with familiar settings in order to keep the budget in check.

It still doesn't explain how Miri's world could be so completely identical to Earth. The Next Generation felt the need to explain why the unaging android Data appeared older.

They decided that Dr. Soong had given him an "aging program" so that he would blend in more closely with the humans around him. This raises the question of why for the love of Pete would Soong do such a thing?

Data is functionally immortal. What is he going to look like in, say, years if he displays physical aging through that time frame? And if his goal was to help Data blend in better and he had enough time to write up such a program, why does Data still have gray skin and yellow eyes, especially since the Julia android suggests Soong wasn't far off from perfecting it?

Near the beginning of Heroes ' fourth volume: Fugitives , Noah says that Sylar survived being stabbed in the back of the head leaving him unable to use his powers and Left for Dead in a burning building at the climax of Villains because the glass in the back of his head melted, allowing him to use his Healing Factor.

However, there's one big problem with this: And even if it wasn't, he's still got glass in his brain. Only now, it's absurdly hot, and seeps into all the cracks and can't be gotten out.

However, we know the problem isn't that a shard of glass is sticking in his brain, but that it is sticking into the part of the brain that gives him the immortality.

He explained he learned how to move it when he got the Shapeshifter's powers. The glass would just need to break from that part of his brain, not mattering that it destroys other parts.

Seeing how immortal the immortals are in Heroes, that part of his brain probably can't be destroyed, not even by fire. The same episode gives a further instance of this at work, since Meredith Gordon was killed when injected by Adrenaline by Sylar, supercharging her power and causing her to explode.

Except that it'd been previously established that Meredith was capable of generating explosions and surviving them? Likewise this seems to be similar to Ted Sprague's radiation ability, where he was shown to be capable to generate and survive minor explosions, but could potentially be killed by going nuclear.

Presumably the writers intended there to be an upper limit to someone's immunity to their own power before it becomes lethal, but failed to clarify this aspect?

Because Lois was romantically involved with her supervisor the guy who hired her she briefly questions the reasons for her being hired. Her editor quells any fears she may have had by showing her the article she wrote for the Inquisitor the previous year.

However, given that the editor is an accelerated-aged clone with implanted memories who didn't exist at the time of her writing the article , it raises the question of how true his claim could be.

Further, when he offered her the job, he didn't know who she was she had just walked in off the street to see her cousin so his claim that it was on the basis of her work is even more doubtful since he couldn't have possibly made the connection.

After the episodes " Taxi Driver " and " I'm No Angel " caused a backlash due to several nonsensical changes to the abilities and motivations of Reapers , CW Executive Chad Kennedy attempted to address the changes on his twitter by stating that Reapers were actually a type of angel.

Not only did this fail to actually fix most of the continuity issues, it made absolutely no sense with previous canon regarding both Reapers and angels, and only served to make the issue worse.

This retcon eventually did get introduced into show canon in the later episode " Stairway to Heaven ", and it was just as nonsensical then.

The episode " Thinman " opens with several seemingly impossible murders, which makes the Winchesters think they were committed by a ghost or some other supernatural creature.

At the end, they are revealed to be the work of two normal humans working together. While this does explain the monster's apparent ability to teleport, it fails to explain the first murder.

What made it unusual, besides the murderer's appearance, was that the victim was found in a room locked from the inside. No matter how many killers there were , this should still be impossible to pull off unless one of them stayed hidden under the bed until the police came in and pretended to have just arrived, which no matter how you look at it should be extremely suspicious.

Doctor Who 's initial explanation for how the TARDIS crew could understand the Daleks was explained in The Dalek Book as being because the Dalek "voices" are a form of electronic telepathy, so they can speak in their own language and anyone can understand them.

Fine, but how can the crew understand the Thals? The eventual explanation for Aliens Speaking English , implied by the time of the Fourth Doctor's tenure and outright stated in the revival series, is the much less cumbersome Hand Wave that the TARDIS has a translation matrix which allows its passengers to understand the aliens as well as making them unaware that it is doing this, although a few sufficiently clever companions have noticed.

In " The Time of the Doctor ", the Doctor is under siege from Daleks on an alien planet until he tells his real name to the Time Lords, confirming to them his identity.

The reason that his real name works as the shibboleth is because the planet is kept under a 'truth field' which means that no-one on it is able to lie which we discover in an amusing sequence where both the Doctor and Clara blab embarrassing stuff about themselves while under its influence - so he can't lie about his name and no-one can falsely claim that they are him.

This makes sense, except that the Doctor, while on the planet, lies multiple times to other characters and even admits "I lied". Played for Laughs in " Last Christmas ," when Santa keeps giving ridiculous explanations for all the impossible things he does.

Of course it's impossible for him to fly around the entire world in one night giving out presents—that's why he has a second sleigh.

And obviously reindeer can't fly—that's why he feeds them magic carrots. In short, she was literally taken up to heaven by angels to become a celestial spirit so that the aliens would not kill her.

Part of her reasoning was a revelation that The Chosen One and the Osirian could not be together or bad things will happen. However, fans quickly noticed that if the Osirian, who is the destined protector of the chosen one, cannot be around said chosen one, then there is no point in a protector at all.

Late in How I Met Your Mother , Ted and Robin get Barney sufficiently drunk for him to reveal all his secrets, one of which being that he occasionally hides dehydrated doves on his person only to expose them to water when others are near, allowing the doves to fly away and making it look like he created them out of nothing.

Of course, dehydrating the doves would have killed them outright, but since the episode establishes that when Barney is this intoxicated, he Cannot Tell a Lie , and since he later reveals an even more personal secret namely, what his job actually is , which is proven true, the idea that he made that explanation up just to screw with them can be dismissed out of hand.

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